Growth rate of wage fund increased much - almost by 35%


November 8, Fineko/abc.az. The wage fund's constant growth rate rose up to 34.2% last month.

The Ministry of Labor & Social Protection reported to ABC.AZ that serious measures taken in Azerbaijan to raise wages and expand employment opportunities, sustainable development in the labor market and legalization of labor have lead to a serious increase in the wage fund.

Thus, the wage fund growth made up 3.7% for January and observed two-fold rise for February of 2019. Growth of 10.5% was observed in March, 14.5% in April, 17.6% in May, 18.8% in June, 19.8% in July, and 21% in August.

And this figure has increased over the last few months: wage fund growth made up 29.6% in September and 34.2% in October.