Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation to open new jobs


November 8, Fineko/abc.az. The total number of employees of Azerbaijan Industrial Corporation and its subsidiaries has reached 4,986 people.

ABC.AZ informs that the relevant statement was made by Corporation’s general director Kamran Nabizadeh.

He says that after these enterprises begin to work at full capacity, the number of jobs is going to increase by another 712 people and reach 5,698 people: "To date, AIC has created 19 subsidiaries covering various areas of the non-oil sector. Among them, a number of enterprises of social and economic importance, including Azerpambiq ASK LLC. In this area, the management structure has changed, the material & technical base has been renewed, new cotton harvesters have been bought. In addition, according to Azerpambiq ASK, in the 2018 season 29,000 hectares of cotton were sown in 14 districts of the country and 56,600 tons of raw cotton harvested."