Income from cocoon production reached about AZN 204,000 – meeting in Kurdamir


February 14, Fineko/abc.az. Mobile silkworm nurseries are to be constructed in Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ informs that the announcement on the occasion was made at the republican meeting on the topic "Cocoon-2020: Upcoming Tasks".

For example, for the first time in Azerbaijan mobile-type silkworm nurseries made as a sample on the basis of models from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and China were considered at the meeting.

Agriculture Minister Inam Kerimov pointed out that each district engaged in sericulture can use its own resources to build silkworm nurseries based on the presented models. He studied the opinions of silkworm breeders about mobile-type silkworm nurseries, and exchanged views with farmers on the development of sericulture.

It should be noted that last year our silk growers prepared 22.6 tons of cocoon (6.3-fold more than in 2016). Azerbaijani silkworm breeders received about AZN 204,000 from the production of the cocoon.