Expert: Electronization of Form 4 certificate carried out on Internal Affairs Ministry’s instruction


February 24, Fineko/abc.az. Since last October the system of the Main Department of the State Traffic Police has been integrated into the electronic system of the Compulsory Insurers Bureau. After an accident the traffic police sends the Form-4 certificate to insurance companies in e-form.

A few days ago the employees of the CIB, the Main Department of the State Traffic Police and insurance companies held discussions related to this e-certificate. During the discussions it was noted that e-certificate Form-4 sent by the traffic police to the insurance company after an accident is being improved.

Speaking about the advantages of this reference, expert Elmeddin Muradli told portal ABC.AZ that the delay in insurance payments, red tape in relation to drivers continue for years.

According to Muradli, especially certificate Form 4 has become a real nightmare for drivers. Muradli pointed out that, according to the information he has, the introduction of this e-system was carried out at the initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and such a system was developed on the instructions of the Ministry's leadership:

"This is a very perfect system. It will be useful for drivers and insurance workers. The driver does not need to go anywhere for certificate Form 4. Let's say there was an accident, reps of the insurance company and the traffic police arrived on the scene. In case of minor damage to cars, each of the drivers picks up their car and leaves, or a tow truck is called to takes the car to the owner. All registration cases are also handled by the traffic police. The driver, again, without wasting time, contacts the next day the insurance company, and it turns out that certificate Form 4 is already ready. The traffic police sends a certificate, the driver also receives payment in e- form. That is, he does not wait for help for two or three weeks. He has not to encounter any bureaucratic obstacles and illegal claims."