Salary growth in Baku exceeds 1,000 manats


February 28, Fineko/abc.az. The average monthly nominal salary of employees for January-December 2019 increased by 10% (against the 2018 same term) up to 867 manats.

ABC.AZ reports that salaries were higher at the end of 2019. As a result of comprehensive social reforms implemented in compliance with the relevant presidential decrees, starting from 1 September 2019, as a result of raising the minimum monthly wage in the country up to 250 manats, a significant increase in the salaries of civil servants, employees of enterprises and organizations, employees of the State Oil Company, acceleration of the processes of increasing the salaries of private sector employees and transparency in this area, in December 2019 the average monthly nominal salary in the city of Baku reached 1,012.7 manats that is by 19.1% more against December 2018 and by 8.4% more versus November 2019.