Azerigaz applies to Internal Affairs Ministry about false info distributed in social networks


April 28, Fineko/abc.az. The telephone message of gas supplier Azerigaz (a sub-company of State Oil Company) addressed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan refers to the dissemination of provocative information in social networks in recent days.

ABC.AZ reports that Azerigaz’s appeal says "We’d like to note that false information about Azerigaz has been spread in social networks.

Incorrect information, voice recordings, and ads saying that allegedly Azerigaz returns on a smart card the last payments made by citizens was spread in YouTube, Facebook, messengers WhatsApp and Instagram. These messages are not true. In view of this, long queues in front of payment terminals E-Manat, Million and others in some markets, the activities of which are allowed throughout the country, in the night hours of 26 April, there were long queues in violation of the requirements of the quarantine regime.

We’d like to note that the proposed incorrect operation can lead to serious failures in gas consumers’ smart cards, blocking and useless cards, as well as causing material damage to Azerigaz and its gas consumers. In view of the above-said, with the purpose to prevent the dissemination of such information of a provocative nature, we ask You to instruct us to take the measures provided for by law to identify and bring to justice the person(s) responsible.”