Baku Metro received 4 modern trains – they will soon be released on line


June 8, Fineko/abc.az. The Baku Metro Company received 20 cars of model 81-765.4B/766.4B, produced by Russia’s Metrovagonmash under the new contract, ABC.AZ was informed at the Baku Metro.

The design of the train provides a single through passage through all the cars, which, increasing the capacity of the car by 15%, ensures an even distribution of passengers throughout the train. The doors of these cars are also wide, opening and closing are provided with a warning system. Multi-functional areas for large loads, children and wheelchairs are also allocated for standing passengers. Handles are adapted to the density of passengers.

Another difference between the new cars is that the original light graphics are designed specifically for Baku cars. Led lamps installed in the cabin increase or decrease the power of the light stream and create an appropriate ergonomic weather. The air conditioning system was developed taking into account the technical conditions of Baku Metro and adapted to local climatic conditions. The structure without vestibules serves for uniform distribution of air in rooms, increasing the effect of thermal insulation.

New trains will be released on the line in the near future after appropriate corrective and regulatory work.