Nar launches a new base station working with alternative energy source


June 9, Fineko/abc.az. Nar has put the first base station fed with alternative energy source into operation. The station installed in Sangachal settlement of Baku city will operate with the energy produced by solar-powered panels. 


Hybrid solar system will be used to ensure uninterrupted network connectivity, meaning permanent power supply. Thus, additional power batteries installed in the area will enable to maintain uninterrupted power supply as a reserve source of energy during reduced sunlight hours, at overcast weather condition and in the evening or nighttime.   


Use of solar energy an alternative source of energy has a number of benefits to the environment. Non-hazardous maintenance process of solar panels, long-term operability and durability of the batteries will contribute to the protection of environment. Working on more sustainable “green” solutions, Nar is evaluating the future perspectives with the aim to increase the use of renewable energy sources. 


At present, Nar's 4G and 4.5G technology base stations provide high-speed internet and call services to the population in 54 regions of the country. Covering 97.7% of the country population, Nar network provides high-quality service to over 2.3 million customers with more than 8,600 base stations. For detailed information, please visit nar.az 


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