President told about work of peacekeepers


January 7, Fineko/abc.az. On 6 January President Ilham Aliyev held a video format meeting dedicated to the results of 2020.

ABC.AZ reports that at the meeting the head of state touched upon a range of issues, saying that the peacekeeping forces have a certain function.

"On 10 November this function was fixed, although now they are engaged in humanitarian work there. We turn a blind eye to this, as they say, because we understand that people live there, we understand that it is winter, the weather is cold. Certain work should be done there so that the winter does not create problems for the Armenians living there. So we gave them the opportunity. Now most of the cargo goes there through the territory of Azerbaijan. We have allowed it. Cargo is sent by rail to Barda. Then they are taken by car to Nagorno-Karabakh. Of course, we might not have allowed it."