Expert: Several banks may face problem of lack of capital


March 9, Fineko/abc.az. If to believe the banks' reports as a whole, they finished last year better than it was expected, ABC.AZ reports that expert Ekrem Hasanov stated this when commenting on the financial situation of domestic banks last year.

According to the expert, currently, due to the pandemic, there are serious problems in activities of banks around the world:

"On the one hand, deposit bases are declining, and on the other hand, problem loans are increasing. We also observe this process. But in most of our banks, the situation is generally satisfactory. However, several banks may have problems with lack of capital, and if they do not make additional investments, their fate may be bad. In general, this year and in the coming months, the state of our banking system will depend more on the level of the pandemic. As the restrictions are lifted, the situation in the banking sector will improve both here and in the world."