Total assets of Azerbaijani banks grow by 0.9% in January


March 5, Fineko/abc.az. The Financial Markets Supervisory Authority of Azerbaijan (FIMSA) published the results of activity of the country's banking sector as of January 31, 2018.

As stated in the report, the total assets of the Azerbaijani banking sector by the reporting period amounted to AZN 28,169.7 mln and liabilities made AZN 24,367.9 mln.

"The total capital of the sector amounted to AZN 3,801.8 mln, while deposits of the population made AZN 7,482.5mln. In January, the assets of the banks increased by 0.9% or AZN 249 mln, liabilities by 0.6% or AZN 156m mln, capital by 2.5% or AZN 93 mln," the report says.

The number of branches of 30 operating banks amounted to 511, affiliates - 142, ATM - 2439. The number of employees in the sector made 16,207 people.



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