Azerbaijan has reported statistical data on inbound visitors


March 17, Fineko/abc.az. The State Border Service has published statistical indicators on foreigners who arrived in Azerbaijan for the past 2 months.

ABC.AZ reports that over Jan-Feb 2021 the number of arrivals in our country from Georgia decreased 16.3-fold, Kazakhstan 11.1-fold, Turkmenistan 10-fold, Uzbekistan 6.3-fold, the Russian Federation 5.1-fold, Ukraine 4.5-fold, Great Britain 4.4-fold, Belarus 2.6-fold, Iran 2.5-fold, Turkey 2.3-fold. In general, compared with Jan-Feb 2020, the number of arrivals from the Persian Gulf countries reduced by 5.6 times to 11,000 people, from the CIS countries by 5.2 times to 28,300 people, from the EU member states by 4.3 times to 2,800 people.