Rate of Azerbaijan’s outbound travelers has also decreased - more than 13-fold


March 17, Fineko/abc.az. 73.0% of foreigners and stateless persons who visited Azerbaijan for Jan-Feb 2021 arrived by rail and by road, 23.2% by air, and 3.8% by sea, ABC.AZ was informed at the State Border Service. Compared with Jan-Feb 2020, the number of Azerbaijani citizens traveling abroad lowered by 13.5 times to 60,900 people.

At the same time, 47.3% went to Turkey, 17.3% to Russia, 10.5% to Georgia, 8.3% to Iran, and 16.6% to other countries.

"30.5% of Azerbaijani citizens traveled abroad by rail and road for the reporting period, 62.2% by air, and 7.3% by water," the Committee informs.