MP discontent with high cost of AZAL air tickets


April 6, Fineko/abc.az. One of the most important expectations associated with AZAL’s activity is the reduction of air ticket prices.

ABC.AZ reports that MP Vugar Bayramov stated about this when commenting on the creation of the Supervisory Board at Azerbaijan Airlines by a presidential decree.

Dissatisfied with the high prices for air tickets, the MP explained that this directly affects the number of tourists coming to the country:

"Naturally, during the pandemic the quantity of foreign tourists lowered for objective reasons. But in the post-pandemic period, increasing the number of budget flights to many destinations, as well as ticket price cutting, should be priority issues. The development of tourism also directly depends on the number of high-quality and inexpensive air tickets. In general, the strategic priority of the reforms of the new period will be the formation and development of corporate governance at state-owned enterprises."