Construction of Hadrut-Jabrayil-Shukyurbeyli road continues


April 9, Fineko/abc.az.  Earthworks are being carried out on newly-built highway Hadrut-Jabrayil-Shukyurbeyli.

ABC.AZ reports that it is also planned to build 45 round pipes and 25 rectangular water overpasses, as well as 7 new road bridges, where necessary, in order to provide water capacity on the newly-built road in accordance with the project.

At the intersection of the highway with the Hajigabul-Minjivan-Zangezur corridor road, it is planned to build a road interchange.

Hadrut-Jabrayil-Shukyurbeyli road will run through the territory of the liberated Khojavend, Fizuli and Jabrayil districts. It will connect about 20 settlements, including the village of Hadrut and the city of Jabrayil.