President: We discuss opening of Zangezur corridor


April 13, Fineko/abc.az. President Ilham Aliyev delivered speech at the conference arranged at the ADA University on the theme "The new look at the South Caucasus: Post-conflict development & cooperation".

ABC.AZ reports that the country’s leader noted that the false history of the Armenians connected with the "genocide" has no connection with the reality:

"It was a war, a situation where people, countries were at war with each other, but then there was a truce. At that time, Armenia had a conflict not only with the Ottoman Empire, but also with other neighbors. The Turkish government has several times proposed the creation of joint groups of historians for an objective, impartial investigation of this issue. But the Armenians were against it, as they need this fake story to get political dividends. As you know, today we are discussing the opening of communications, in particular, the Zangezur corridor. It cannot be opened without the consent and participation of Turkey. Turkey is not a member of the trilateral working group at the level of deputy prime ministers of the three countries. However, we inform Turkey about the issues we are discussing. If Armenia wants to put an end to the problems in relations and become a transit country, only Turkey can do it."