Visa has unveiled plans on Azerbaijan


April 15, Fineko/abc.az. "As an international payment technology company, Visa is making every effort to create the conditions necessary for the launch of new payment services in Azerbaijan," ABC.AZ reports citing Kristina Doros, the regional director of Visa in the Caucasus.

According to Ms. Doros, one of the main directions for Visa is to create infrastructure for the development of contactless, including tokenized, payments: "Our task is to make contactless payments available to more consumers and trade and service enterprises. The launch of the Visa Token Service in Azerbaijan in September 2019 was the starting point for the rapid growth of tokenized transactions in the country, including through smartphones and wearable devices. In Azerbaijan, we work closely with financial organizations and are ready to provide them with our support to launch solutions with Pays when our partners are ready for this," she emphasized.