Mercedes presents a new electric flagship


April 16, Fineko/abc.az. Mercedes has presented a new electric flagship EQS.

ABC.AZ reports that the new electric flagship looks similar to the Vision EQS car presented in 2019.

From some angles, EQS usually look like CLA or CLS models.

At the presentation the company presented two versions to be available at the start of sales this year – EQS 450+ and EQS 580 4matic. The first, EQS 450+, has rear-wheel drive and single engine with capacity of 328 hp. The second version, EQS 580 4matic, has all-wheel drive with two motors with total capacity of 520 hp.

EQS has a large battery of 108 kWh. Thanks to such a large battery, the car weighs 2.5 tons, which is half a ton more than the S-class W223 and a quarter of a ton more than the Model S Long Range.

EQS (5,216 x 1,926 x 1,512) is slightly larger than the S-class W223 (5,179 x 1,954 x 1,503).