Black cumin planted for the first time in Azerbaijan


April 19, Fineko/abc.az. Agroservice has prepared an offer of complex agrotechnical services to farmers for the sectors of non-traditional crop production in Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that within the framework of these proposals, all the agrotechnical works necessary for sowing, providing equipment, high-quality mineral fertilizers, preparations against pests, as well as harvesting the crop without losses and providing it to the farmer will be carried out.

For the healthy development of the plant, it is planned to fulfil appropriate work in solving other issues that will arise from this area.

Agrotechnical works necessary for planting black cumin are prepared in accordance with the regulations.

In village Boyuk Khynysly of Shemakha district the comprehensive analysis was carried out to determine the suitability of the soil for sowing, and black cumin was planted on an area of 1 hectare.