Survey: Who will celebrate Ramadan and how?


April 20, Fineko/abc.az. The Media Analysis Center has arranged a poll on how citizens fast in the month of Ramadan within the quarantine.

ABC.AZ reports that 50% of the respondents were women, 50% - men.

14.7% of the participants said that during the fast they would not visit places of mass stay of people, given the risk of infection with the virus.

Those who continue to work at home make up 11.4% of the respondents, and those who note they will spend most of the day outdoors – 11.3%.

62.5% of the respondents don’t have specific plans for the month of Ramadan.

67.2% of respondents said that because of the quarantine, they will celebrate the Ramadan holiday at home, 8% will go to the districts, 0.7% - abroad.

The results show that 24.1% of the survey participants will not celebrate this Muslim holiday.