Rural roads of five districts under reconstruction


April 21, Fineko/abc.az. 10 rural roads in Ujar, Zardab, Agjabedi, Yevlakh, and Sheki districts are being reconstructed.

ABC.AZ was informed at the Azerbaijan State Motor Road Agency that within the framework of the loan agreement signed between the Azerbaijani government and the Asian Development Bank a decision was taken to finance the restoration of roads in villages Darajannet and Tapajannet of Sheki district, villages Garaoglan and Gushchu of Yevlakh district, villages Alpy and Gulabend of Ujar district, Yarmammedbagi, Kerpyukend and Alvend of Zarbad district and village Shenlik of Aghjabedi district.

The total length of rural roads within the project is 61.7 km. The width of each of the restored roads on the IV technical category is 10 m.