Azerbaijani leader: Turkey and Azerbaijan expanded their capabilities in the region


May 3, Fineko/abc.az. Our victory in the second Karabakh War created a new reality in the region.

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev stated about this when accepting the credentials of Turkish ambassador to Azerbaijan Jahit Bagchi.

The country’s president noted that Turkey and Azerbaijan have expanded their capabilities in the region, our role and influence opportunities have increased and will continue to grow.

"All our joint projects and initiatives play an important role in ensuring stability and peace in the region. Our countries’ relationships are based on the brotherhood of our peoples and the political will of our leaders. Turkey and Azerbaijan, as two fraternal countries, will continue to support each other in all matters, will stand by each other in all matters, and by their practical actions and steps will continue their efforts to establish peace in the region where we live," President Aliyev said.