Decline observed for Jan-Mar on some exported goods


May 16, Fineko/abc.az. 17.8% of Azerbaijan’s total imports accounted for Russia, 15% for Turkey, 12.3% for China, 7.3% for Germany, 4.6% for the U.S., and 3.9% for Ukraine, 3.8% for Iran, 3.2% for Italy, 3% for the UK, by 1.8% for S Korea and Japan, 1.6% for Brazil, 1.5% for India, 1.4% for France and Norway, 19.6% for transactions with other countries, ABC.AZ was informed at the State Customs Committee.

Compared with Jan-Mar 2020, the export of fresh fruits increased by 41.8%, sugar 2.5-fold, vegetable oils by 37.5%, fruit and vegetable juices by 37%, potatoes 1.6-fold, natural grape wines and grape must 1.9-fold, cotton fiber  1.6-fold, polyethylene by 8.8%, cotton yarn by 6.3%, bentonite clay by 8.6%; and exports of fresh vegetables decreased by 37.3%, tea by 18.3%, canned fruit & vegetables by 5%, margarine, other food mixtures by 22.2%, tobacco by 58.5%, unprocessed aluminum by 23.5%, pipes made of ferrous metals by 36.7%.