List of products whose imports declined and increased


May 16, Fineko/abc.az. Compared with Jan-Mar 2020, Azerbaijan’s imports of vegetable oils for Jan-Mar 2021 grew by 47.6%, wheat by 13%, raw sugar and sugar by 3.9 times, butter, other dairy fats and pasta by 5.1%, potatoes by 0.6%, fresh vegetables by 2.0 times, cigarettes by 14.8%, medicines by 30.8%, rubber tires by 10.6%, mineral fertilizers by 17.8%, trucks by 28.5%, household air-conditioners by 1.6 times, and household refrigerators by 29%.

ABC.AZ informs with reference to the State Customs Committee that country’s imports of fresh fruits for the reported period decreased by 3.4%, tea by 5.2%, beef by 23.6%, poultry meat and additional products from it by 22.8%, passenger cars by 1.4%, pipes made of ferrous metals by 38.2%, rolled steel by 58.1%, computers, blocks and installations by 4%, rods made of ferrous metals by 57.4%, furniture by 10.9%, washing machines by 8.5%, polyethylene by 47.4%, coal mines made of ferrous metals by 39.7%, buses by 39.4%, cement and cement clinker by 39.7%.