List of world’s most purchased car brands


May 16, Fineko/abc.az. The best-selling car brands in the world belong to Japan’s Toyota, according to a study prepared by American company Automotive Touch Up and covering 110 countries, ABC.AZ reports.

According to the study, Toyota was favored in 44 countries last year. Next in the list are Volkswagen (Germany) in 17 countries, Renault (France) in 5 countries, Hyundai (S Korea) in 4 countries, and Chevrolet (U.S.) in 4 countries.

Interestingly, in the Asian region, where Toyota operates, preference is given to this brand, and in the largest country on the continent – China, Volkswagen was chosen as the most popular brand.

In South Africa, Toyota is preferred, in North America – General Motors and Ford, in South America – Chevrolet, Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen, and in Europe – domestic brands.