Bakcell and “ASAN Letter” once again fulfill the wishes of children


May 31, Fineko/ .Bakcell and ASAN Volunteers have congratulated the children from low-income families and children of martyrs in several villages of Tovuz region, on the occasion of the International Children’s day.  This initiative was implemented within the frames of the “ASAN Letter” social project of “ASAN Volunteers”, aiming to bring joy to the lives of children from sensitive groups, and increase the overall social responsibility and the sense of care in the society.

As a result, 20 children who wrote letters to the website have received toys, school supplies and other gifts from Bakcell and “ASAN Letter”.

In the course of their long-term partnership, Bakcell and “ASAN Letter” have implemented many projects, allowing them to fulfill the dreams of children on various occasions.

It should be noted that Bakcell also provides mobile communication support for this social project.

Bakcell supports children by actively participating in the projects aimed at helping the children in need for special care and children from sensitive groups, and ensuring the provision of equal rights and inclusive education opportunities for them.



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