Vugar Bayramov about benefits from Zangezur corridor


June 23, Fineko/abc.az. The Zangezur corridor will create new economic opportunities not only for Azerbaijan, but also for the countries of the region as a whole, ABC.AZ reports citing MP Vugar Bayramov.

He noted that, especially if we take into account that the Zangezur corridor will be used by Russia, Iran, including fraternal Turkey, the benefits of this corridor for the region become even more obvious.

"As, ultimately, the corridor will allow Russia to transport its goods through this corridor to the specified region. The corridor is economically advantageous for Russia. It is expected that Iran will use the Zangezur corridor more effectively, and fraternal Turkey will export its products through the Zangezur Corridor to Azerbaijan, Central Asia and Asian countries in general. In this respect, the corridor is also beneficial for the countries of the region. On the other hand, the corridor will create a sustainable peace in the region, because the restoration of communications is very important for achieving long-term peace in the region. The decisive moment in the restoration of communications is the commissioning of the Zangezur corridor. Along with strengthening economic cooperation, the Zangezur corridor will also lead to the formation of sustainable peace in the region, creating a basis for the economic development of the South Caucasus in the following periods," the MP said.