President explains reasons for creation of free economic zone in Alat


July 1, Fineko/abc.az. First of all, there are vast vacant land areas on the territory of Alat settlement, the absolute majority of which is unsuitable for agriculture.

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev said in an interview for Azerbaijani television that, on the other hand, Alat settlement is located near Baku:

“This is one of the important conditions. There are all the prerequisites for the implementation of infrastructure projects here. There is a 300 MW power plant in Sangachal, and the cost of infrastructure projects will be relatively low. The International Trade Seaport is also located here. This is one of the important factors for the operation of the economic zone. I think that the development prospects of Alat can be very successful. If this zone evolves the way we want, and I am sure that it will, the development of this region will have a great positive impact on our overall development. These factors have played the key role in selecting this location. At the same time, our international corridors pass through here. The East-West and the North-South corridors pass through Alat. Therefore, this place is very convenient in terms of logistics and transport. That is why Alat was chosen for this purpose.”