President: Recognize our territorial integrity, let a peace treaty be signed


July 23, Fineko/abc.az. "We have included the word "Zangezur corridor" in the political lexicon. The leading mass media not only of the region, but also of the whole world speak and write about the Zangezur corridor. Why? We have included it, with regular efforts, and this is already a reality."

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev made such a statement in his interview for AZTV.

"We have sent Armenia an agenda – a peace treaty. Let Armenia say that it does not want to, refuses. I have repeatedly said and say that we are ready to start negotiations. Is the war over? It's over. Do you want peace, Armenia? I think you want to. Then why not sign a peace treaty? Recognize our territorial integrity, let a peace treaty be signed, the delimitation of borders is resolved. Look, our agenda on this issue coincides with the agenda of the European Union, Turkey, and Russia. And they are talking about the need to carry out work on delimitation, and we are talking. And what does Armenia say? It says no, let Azerbaijan leave our lands. We are on our own land. We have created a new reality, and not only in the Karabakh zone. When forming a new agenda, the issue of status has already been left aside, and the word "Nagorno-Karabakh" is not used. It was necessary to achieve this, " President Aliyev emphasized.