Bank Avrasiya’s operating profit exceeds AZN 3 million


July 28, Fineko/abc.az. Bank Avrasiya has published the financial indicators for Jan-Jun 2021.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the bank's quarterly statements that in the 1st half of 2021 the total operating income (interest and non–interest income) of Bank Avrasiya amounted to AZN 6.724 million, operating expenses (interest and non-interest expenses) – AZN 3.429 million.

Since the income for the reported term exceeded expenditures, Bank's operating profit totaled AZN 3.295 million.

As Bank Avrasiya directed AZN 7.223 million for target reserves created for possible losses, the Bank completed the first half of 2021 with net loss of AZN 3.928 million.