Gunay Sigorta reports about change of shareholders’ stakes


August 4, Fineko/abc.az. There was a change in the distribution of the equity stake of the Gunay Sigorta’s shareholders.

ABC.AZ reports that this happened after the increase in insurer’s authorized capital by AZN 500,000 or by 6.5%, from AZN 7.7 million up to AZN 8.2 million.

Thus, 500 new ordinary, undocumented shares with par value of 1,000 manats each, issued for capital growth, were acquired by Mahmud Mammadov, who controls 28.06% of the shares of Gunay Sigorta and brought his stake up to 32.45%. Due to this, the stake of another shareholder Egyana Shirinova fell from 71.94% to 67.55%.