Accord Corporation’s subsidiary has over AZN 1.5 million of tax debts


August 5 Fineko/abc.az. One of the subsidiaries of Accord has owed to the state up to AZN 2 million of taxes, and a lawsuit began between them.

ABC.AZ reports that Accord Hydrotechnical Construction Company LLC, a subsidiary of Accord with full legal name Accord Industrial & Construction Investment Corporation, has a tax debt of AZN 1.718 million to the state (as of 4 August 2021).

Since 5 August the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy has appealed to the Baku Commercial Court in connection with Accord Hydrotechnical Construction Company LLC. Ulker Hasanova was appointed as a judge. The lawsuit does not disclose the reason for this dispute.

The official website of the company says that since 2010 Accord Hydrotechnical Construction Company has carried out construction & installation works in five districts of the country within the framework of project Reconstruction of Water Supply & Sewerage Systems.

The company was registered in 2015 and has authorized capital of AZN 1.27 million.