Iter Vitis Qafqaz has presented a wine route


September 24, Fineko/abc.az. The presentation of wine route “Iter Vitis Qafqaz” took place within the framework of the media tour organized by the Azerbaijan State Tourism Agency in village Meisari of Shemakha district.

ABC.AZ reports that information about Iter Vitis Qafqaz Project and its goals was provided during the presentation on the theme “Wine Tourism & Wine Routes in Azerbaijan”, conducted by Sharifa Hasanova, the head of the Tourism Product Department of the Azerbaijan Tourism Bureau.

She said that the first innovative transnational route connecting the countries of the Caucasus will be combined to promote wine-growing regions, wineries, home-made wines and archaeological excavations related to wine in these countries.

In the course of the presentation it was stressed that there are more than 25 wineries in Azerbaijan on western, northern and north-western tourist routes, and the development of experience of winemaking with world-famous grape varieties, as well as many local alternatives.

The methods of fermentation, color, taste and smell of wines were also covered. Besides it was provided information about the wine industry of Azerbaijan, as well as about the exporting countries of wines produced in our country.

ASTA’s representative informed the journalists about the first online portal on winemaking in Russian and English “Azerbaijanwine.az”, which contains the wine traditions of Azerbaijan, the best wine practices and other important information.

During the presentation, she answered questions from media reps.

Then the media reps were familiarized with the stages of grape and wine production.

By Elmir Murad