Favorable autumn campaign from CityNet continues - Join right now and get internet router and TV Box for free!


October 5, Fineko/abc.az.  An Autumn campaign from CityNet, an internet provider that provides its subscribers with high-speed internet and high-quality IPTV (internet protocol television) services, continues.

According to the campaign offering affordable terms for the customers, those who connect to any internet tariff plans offered by the company will be provided with an internet router for free over the subscription period upon payment of 1-month subscription fee. Whilst those who choose Internet + IPTV service, join and pay a 1-month subscription fee for one of the tariff plans will get an internet router and TV Box for free during the subscription term. The campaign is effective until the end of the year.

The company offers tariff plans for subscribers at a reasonable price. Thus, 36 mbit/s tariff plan costs 18 AZN per month, while Internet + IPTV plan (which includes 40 mbit / s + 240 digital TV channels) is offered at 29 AZN.

            Currently, CityNet provides high-speed fixed internet and digital TV (more than 240 TV channels, including 40 HD channels) services based on FTTB (Fiber to the Building) technology in Baku.

With a durable, diversified network based on advanced fiber-optic technology, the company covers a major part of Baku. Installation service is provided within 24 hours. Subscribers can also check the availability of the service at their address on the company's website.

Please feel free to dial * 1177 and (012) 5377777 for further information about the terms of connection, new campaigns, as well as technical support. To join the services offered by CityNet, you may contact the call center and place your order. For more information about the company please visit www.citynet.az.