Growth reported on largest export of nonoil products


October 6, Fineko/ The recently-published October’s issue of the Export Review says that Azerbaijan's non-oil export increased by 40.9%.

ABC.AZ reports that for Jan-Sept country’s exports of cotton yarn increased 3.3-fold, ferrous metals and products made from them 2.3-fold, chemical industry products 2.1-fold, sugar 2.1-fold, cotton fiber by 80.8%, and aluminum and products made from it by 55.8%. In the process of further normalization, exports in September amounted to $1.7 bn.

Export growth on the non-oil sector made up 75.2% - up to $224.7 million. In September 2021 Azerbaijan’s food exports increased by 34.5% (against the same term of 2020) up to $46.2 million and nonfood export by 90% up to $178.5 million.