Expert: State pays special attention to improvement of ecosystem in Azerbaijan


November 17, Fineko/ The proposed amendment to the Tax Code of Azerbaijan exempts from VAT not only the import, but also the sale of cars with an electric motor. In addition, the draft amendment envisages VAT exemption for 3 years from 1 January 2022 for the import and sale of hybrid cars, from the year of manufacture of which no more than 3 years have passed and an engine capacity of no more than 2,500 cm3, as well as the import of electric fillers of the second and third levels for cars with an electric motor.   
ABC.AZ reports that commenting on the occasion, expert Eldaniz Jafar said that the State pays special attention to improving the ecosystem, preserving the ecological balance, protecting water, soil and atmospheric air from pollution.
According to Jafar, in order to achieve this and other important goals, measures to support the transition to eco-friendly transport were discussed at the meetings of the subgroup “On analysis, evaluation & preparation of relevant proposals in the field of encouraging the use of electric and hybrid vehicles” of workgroup “Trade on the Border” of the Commission on Business Environment & International Ratings.
"At the events attended by a number of ministries it was stressed that within the framework of the State-Business Dialogue, more active activity of the private sector in this area is needed. During the discussions, a conceptual approach is proposed to achieve synergy in this direction," Jafar emphasized.