Azerbaijan increased generation of electricity – Imports reduced


November 30, Fineko/ According to the operational data on electricity for Jan-Oct 2021, Azerbaijan’s electricity generation in October totaled 2.168 bn kWh. Export of electricity reached 125.8 million kWh and imports 10.3 million kWh.

ABC.AZ was informed at the Ministry of Energy that generation of electricity in the country for October grew by 273.1 million kWh against October 2020, exports of electricity increased by 66 million kWh, while imports decreased by 400,000 kWh. 

Over Jan-Oct of this year country’s electricity generation increased by 1.554 bn (compared with the relevant term of 2020) up to 22.855 bn kWh. Electricity generation for Jan-Oct 2021 grew by 1.39 bn kWh (against Jan-Oct 2020) at thermal power plants up to 21.458 bn kWh, by 162.5 million kWh at hydroelectric power plants up to 1.108 bn kWh, and according to other sources - decreased by 2.9 million kWh to 288.3 million kWh. 
Wind power plants generated 77 million kWh of electricity, solar power plants 48.5 million kWh, and a solid waste incineration plant 162.8 million kWh.