Baku-Shusha bus fare announced


January 18, Fineko/ The Ministry of Digital Development & Transport of Azerbaijan has announced the prices for bus tickets from Baku to Shusha and Aghdam. The launch of bus routes there is scheduled from 24 January.

ABC.AZ reports that Deputy Minister of Digital Development & Transport Rahman Gumetov stated about this.

According to the deputy minister, trips will be organized in the direction of Baku-Shusha, Baku-Aghdam, Ahmedbeyli-Shusha, Fuzuli-Shusha Airport and Barda-Aghdam.

"In the direction of Akhmedbeyli-Shusha, trips will be organized 4 times a week, in other directions - twice a week. The cost of the Baku-Shusha-Baku ticket will be 10.4 manats, Baku-Aghdam-Baku - 9.4 manats, Ahmedbeyli-Shusha-Ahmadbeyli - 7 manats, Barda-Aghdam-Barda - 7 manats. These are one-way prices, but tickets will need to be purchased both ways," the deputy minister said.