Baku high-voltage overhead transmission lines is transferred into ground


January 19, Fineko/ 110-kV high-voltage overhead transmission lines passing through the territory of Sabunchu district of Heydar Aliyev Avenue and intersecting several times on the way to the airport, including existing residential areas in the area, are being dismantled and transferred to the underground cable line.

ABC.AZ reports that the input-output lines of the 110-KV substation Ramana, being double-track, are replaced in eight directions by cable lines meeting modern requirements, with total length of 10 km, and single–track - 32 km. Tunnel-type crossings are being built at the intersection with Heydar Aliyev Avenue and other roads.

Heavy traffic at intersections not only created difficulties in the operation of overhead lines, but also damaged the aesthetic appearance of the airport road.

During the construction of underground cable crossings, the intensive road through the airport will not be dug, and large-volume pipes will pass underground at the intersection of roads with the help of special equipment without any obstacles to movement.