Insurers that compensated least of all for past 3 months


April 26, Fineko/ Out of AZN 61.228 million of insurance compensations paid in Azerbaijan for Jan-Mar 2022, AZN 46.428 million or 75.8% accounted for five insurers.

ABC.AZ reports that among them are PASHA Sigorta (AZN 17.18 million) and Pasha Hayat Sigorta (AZN 14.359 million), State Insurance Commercial Company (Azersigorta, AZN 6.35 million), as well as Xalq Sigorta (AZN 5.7 million) and Ateshgah Hayat Sigorta (AZN 2.835 million).

The insurance companies that paid the lowest compensations for Jan-Mar 2022 are Meqa Hayat Sigorta (0 manat), Xalq Hayat Sigorta (AZN 5,000), Ipek Yolu Sigorta (AZN 16,000), Naxchivan Sigorta (AZN 87,000), and Agrarian Insurance Joint Insurance Company (AZN 119,000).

The above-said companies compensated for totally AZN 227,000 (0.4% of the total amount of payments).