Akkord Hydrotechnical Construction Company has a huge debt


May 17, Fineko/abc.az.  Accord Hydrotechnical Construction Company LLC, part of the Akkord Group of Companies, has a huge tax debt to the state.
ABC.AZ reports that the tax debt of the company (registered at address: 59, Teymur Aliyev Street, Narimanov district of Baku (now Mammad Araz Street)) is AZN 2.122 million.
Company’s main activity includes the laying of water supply and sewerage systems, the construction of drinking and wastewater treatment facilities, administrative buildings, reservoirs and auxiliary buildings. Akkord Tekstil LLC, which is part of the group of companies, also has a tax debt of AZN 103,400 and Körpü-Tünel Tikinti LLC – AZN 269,274.
In addition, the court received a case against Industrial Construction Investment Corporation Accord OJSC. So, in the Narimanov District Court, this organization is accused under Article 430.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.