Azerbaijani gas exports exceeded $4 bn


May 19, Fineko/ Gas made up 35.34% of Azerbaijan's total exports for the past 4 months.

ABC.AZ reports that Azerbaijani gas export was carried out for $4.178 bn (a rise of 3.7-fold).

In 2021, Azerbaijan exported 19.2 bn cu m of gas.

Earlier, SAP AG reported that 8.2 bn cu m of Azerbaijani gas were exported to Europe via the TAP gas pipeline from 31 December 2020 to 31 December 2021.

Of this volume, more than 6.8 bn cu m were delivered to Italy and the rest to Greece and Bulgaria.

The export of Azerbaijani gas via the TAP pipeline to Italy, Greece and Bulgaria began on 31 December 2020.