Daily rent of apartments has increased in Baku


June 7, Fineko/abc.az. In recent days, there has been an increase in the daily rent of apartments in the center of Baku and in the places closest to the center,

ABC.AZ reports, quoting real estate expert Ramil Osmanli.

He added that the price increase in these districts is linked with the upcoming F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku.

"The rise in price is observed mainly on apartments in houses located on the roadsides along which cars will move. Basically, the prices for daily rent of apartments along Neftchilar Avenue range from 250-300 manats, which is the main reason for the influx of tourists to the country in connection with the current competitions. Prices have also increased for apartments that do not go directly to the venue of the competition. Prices for renovated two-room apartments, offered for 70-80 manats, currently start from 110-120 manats. As the number of rooms increases, so do the prices. In addition, there are cases of renting balconies to watch competitions," the expert said.