Foreign citizens who spend the least money in Azerbaijan


June 13, Fineko/ Turkey occupies the 1st place among the countries that spend most of all money in Azerbaijan (59,862,000).

ABC.AZ reports that every citizen from Turkey spent an average of 1,083 manats in Azerbaijan, arriving from Russia - 962 manats, from Iran - 840 manats.

Visitors from Canada (2,800 manats), the USA (2,700 manats), the UAE (2,500 manats) and Qatar (2,600 manats) spend most of all money per person. In general, the amount spent by most Arab tourists exceeds 2,000 manats. Arab tourists from Iraq and Syria spend the least – about 1,400-1,500 manats per person.

Tourists from Georgia spend the least money per person in the country. A total of 11,976 tourists spent 5,868,000 manats (490 manats per person).