Baku Health Center operated at a loss last year


June 28, Fineko/ The Baku Health Center, a legal entity of public law, completed 2021 with net loss of AZN 5.416 million, and the total loss of the organization reached AZN 25.1 million.

ABC.AZ reports that the Center completed 2020 with net loss of AZN 6.7 million, 2019 – AZN 6.38 million, 2018 – AZN 6.578 million, 2017 – AZN 4.8 million.

Last year, BHC total revenues amounted to AZN 21.3 million.

Of the revenues, AZN 7.857 million were received from the State Budget, AZN 13.46 million – from services rendered. In 2020, BHC total revenues reached AZN 15.495 million (AZN 8.2 million from the State Budget, AZN 7.28 million from services rendered).