Expert: Low-quality fuel causes losses of hundreds of thousands of manats to companies every day


July 6, Fineko/ Currently, the main problem in our country is not whether there is fuel, but in its quality.

ABC.AZ reports that information has appeared in the local press about the import of diesel fuel into the country because of the current repairs at the SOCAR oil refinery.

Numerous complaints and appeals testify about the low quality of this fuel delivered from a place that is not officially disclosed, which leads to huge damage to transport vehicles. So, the greatest damage is caused to public transport and the services of a cargo carrier-distributor.

Transport expert Elmeddin Muradli said that more than 80% of buses operating in the public transport in Baku and throughout the country run on diesel fuel: "The situation of carriers, who are already in a deplorable state and cannot receive support from the state, is extremely complicated. Our state should promptly respond to this issue. Otherwise, in the new season - in September – the situation will be depressing. In Baku and the districts, the public transport infrastructure will become even more disastrous, there will be no buses. As a result, the state will have to face large expenses, the burden will again fall on the budget."