Will customs committee be liquidated?


July 19, Fineko/abc.az. By yesterday-signed presidential order, Shahin Bagirov was appointed first deputy chairman of the State Customs Committee. In addition, until the appointment of a new chairman of the Committee, he is entrusted with the temporary performance of this duty.

ABC.AZ reports that a few days ago several high-ranking officials of the Committee were arrested. Then chairman Safar Mehdiyev was dismissed from his post. Instead of him, the post of the second first deputy was created in the committee, and Shahin Bagirov was appointed to this position. He will also serve as chairman, being the first deputy.

What is the purpose of bringing the first deputy to the Customs Committee instead of the chairman?

According to economist expert Natig Jafarli, this decision discusses whether it is more correct to leave the Customs Committee as a separate institution or merge it with a ministry.

"Therefore, these personnel changes in the Customs Committee can be regarded as a temporary solution during the transition period. In many countries, such a Committee does not function as an independent body. It operates under the Ministry of Finance, Economy or Taxes. In Turkey, it is a department operating under the Ministry of Trade. Probably, there are also discussions in our country about which options and directions can be more effective. After these discussions are completed, a specific decision on the committee will be made," the expert believes.