Apple presents iOS 18

10:47 - 11.06.2024

June 11, Fineko/ Apple has introduced new operating system iOS 18 with updated features in existing applications, as well as added new features - for example, a game mode.

ABC.AZ reports that the OS has expanded the possibilities for widgets and icons - now they can be moved to any place on the screen.

Color themes have been adjusted on the start screen, and the control center has been updated. Each application can now be separately blocked or hidden - and unlocked, for example, with a password or Face ID.

The changes have affected the Messages application - now you can reply to messages using any emoji, use different types of texts. You can also send messages at a specified time (delayed sending).

The iPhone with iOS 18 will have a game mode for increased performance during gaming. In addition, the new operating system will allow people to transfer money simply by holding their smartphones to each other.