Registration for elocution championship in Azerbaijani language starts

15:36 - 14.06.2024

"Diction Academy" announces the next speech championship "Tell the story in your mother tongue" in order to contribute to the development of the Azerbaijani language. The championship, organized for the fourth time, aims to provide a useful platform for the youth to showcase their public speaking skills and express themselves in their mother tongue.

"Tell the story in your mother tongue" speech championship, which will last for three months with the main support of Nar, will provide comprehensive public speaking training to the participants and create conditions for them to develop their communication skills. You may get more information about the terms of the competition here.

Nar actively contributes to the preservation and popularization of Azerbaijani culture by supporting projects aimed at the development of our native language, whilst providing an opportunity for the next generation to excel in communication and self-expression. You can get detailed information about the projects implemented by the mobile operator in the field of corporate social responsibility on webpage   


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