Azerbaijan considers possibility of building ships in Russia


November 25, Fineko/ The Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company is considering the possibility of building individual specialized ships at shipbuilding plants in Russia, including in Astrakhan Oblast.

ABC.AZ reports that ASCO chairman Rauf Veliyev said in an interview for

"In addition, during bilateral visits and meetings, the possibilities of joint construction, assembly or other form of cooperation between the Baku Shipyard and the shipyards of Astrakhan are being considered. ASCO is interested in such forms of interaction, as it allows us to take advantage of the long-term experience of shipbuilding companies in Russia, in particular Astrakhan. We regularly meet with representatives of the Astrakhan Oblast government, and we have strong historical ties with Astrakhan. At one time, the construction of a considerable number of our ships was carried out at the shipyards located in this city, so Astrakhan shipyards have always played a particularly important role for us. We still have close ties with them and try to exchange experience whenever possible, discuss various options for cooperation and possible innovations in the field of shipbuilding," Veliyev said.